Each One Teach One Outreach Approach

"Each One Teach One Outreach Approach" is an approach that emphasise the need to impart basic training about Wikipedia to atleast one person by each of the experienced Wikipedian to strengthen the free knowledge movement.Initially this has been initiated from the Chandigarh which is the capital of two northen States of India i.e. Punjab and Haryana and has the adequate language diversity.Both online and offline strategies are used in this approach.


List of new editors introduced to Wikipedia under this activity is presented below:

Anahit OrlovskayaEdit

Anahit Orlovskaya ,Premjit Thind new editors getting training from Harvinder Chandigarh at Chandigarh 11th Dec. 2016
  1. Anahit Orlovskaya (Username:Anahit 1210 )is one of Facebook Friends of Harvinder Chandigarh. She originally belonged to Armenia and studied in Russia.She is married in Punjab, India. She used to share ideas with Harvinder Chandigarh on Facebook. She has interest in expoloring history,culture and heritage of people. She was persuaded to join the Wikipedia movement to make contribution and share her ideas globally for the broader use of other communities also.She agreed to it came to Chandigarh alog with her husband where both of them were imparted the basic trianing about how to edit the articles. Their Users accounts were also created there. They are newly married couple and are busy these days and showed interest to continue editing in coming months.The couple has shown willingness for further learning and given consent to participate in an upcoming event "Wiki workshop and Heritage Mapping ,Chamba" [1]. Anahit Orlovskaya knows English, Russian in addition to her native language Armenian and therefore she is expected to add multilingual and multiple value to the content. Her husband Premjeet knows English, Hindi, Russinan and his native language Punjabi.


Shabdeesh (Username:Shabdeesh )is a friend of Harvinder Chandigarh from Chandigarh.He is a the a theatre director and her wife Anita Shabdeesh is a leading theatre artist.Shabdeesh was influenced by various Wikipedia articles which Harvinder Chandigarh shared on social media and he showed interest to learn about Wikipedia. He was assisted by Harvinder Chandigarh ਓਨ 27ਠ November 2016 in creating his user account on Wikipedia and gave him the basic training about how to edit on Wikipedia.He was also taught how to upload the images on Commons. He has made 25 edits on Punjabi Wikipedia so far and uploaded few images also.

Satinder SidhuEdit

Satinder Sidhu (Username:Satinder Sidhu) is a teacher by profession known to Harvinder Chandigarh.She lives in Chandigarh. She showed interest to learn about Wikipedia editing in Punjabi. Harvinder Chandigarh helped her in creating her account and imparted basic training of Wipepedia editing.She has done some editing work on Punjabi Wikipedia and further make many of her students aware about Wikipedia.

Arvind sharmaEdit

Arvind Sharma (Username:Arvind sharma ) was helped by Harvinder Chandigarh in opening his account on Wikipedia.He was imparted on the spot training about editing articles and upload images on Common.He started creating first article about his village Badhauli in Haryana. He uploaded the following image also which was taken during this training.

Mitter Sain MeetEdit

Mitter Sain Meet (Username:ਮਿੱਤਰ ਸੈਨ ਮੀਤ) was introduced to Wikipedia by Wikipedian Harvinder Chandigarh.He is a leading advocate and a National awardee Punjabi writer.Both know each other as both of them are Punjabi language writers.Harvinder Chandigarh inspired him to work for the native language as per the changing needs of 21st century for which IT, especially Wikipedia, has a lot of potential. He agreed and he was introduced to Wikipedia on 14 Aug 2016 by Harvinder Chandigarh through creating an account. He started working on English and Punjabi Wikipedia projects and has made 37 edit so far. He further has many writers aware about Wikipedia movement.

Prof.Swaranjit MehtaEdit

Prof. Swaranjit Mehta (User:Swaranjit Mehta) Had been head of the department of Geography in Punjab University Chandigarh and now she is retired and living in Mohali cit of Punjab State.She has developed interest in Wikipedia recently and wanted to make some contribution on it especially related to Geography for which she is the subject expert. Harvinder Chandigarh helped her in creating her account and provided initial training for editing.

Inter Wiki co operation and Outreach enhancementEdit

Hindi Wikipedian Manoj Khurana (Username: Anamdas) and Punjabi Wikipedian Harvinder Chandigarh who are residing in the same city (Chandigarh) met each other and discussed the possibilities of increasing outreach of the movement collectively.Both of them shared and learned many things from each other and discussed the provisional action plan for future. They shared possibilities of inter Wiki cooperation also. It was agreed upon that Each One Teach One Outreach Approach should also be followed for this purpose.