EU policy/ePrivacy Consultation

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ePrivacy Consultation


The European Commission has launched its Public Consultation on the Evaluation and Review of the ePrivacy Directive . This is the Wikimedia working page to draft answers.

Who should submit answers to the Commission?Edit

This consultation comes right after the final adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation and is part of a much wider legal package and stakeholder narrative that also includes IPR. Answering it requires a lot of finesse and strategic aligning. Our tactics would dictate that only the FKAGEU will submits replies. If individuals or movement organisations wish to participate as well, they are kindly requested to leave a note first.

Organisational detailsEdit

Idea behind consultationEdit

The European Commission's intention is to revamp the entire digital single market framework in Europe. As the General Data Protection Regulation is coming into force, there are calls to simplify the acquis by removing parts of the ePrivacy Directive. However, it contains numerous provisions on traffic data, location data, spam and cookies. Some of which are important to privacy online.

Important deadlinesEdit

We have until 5 July 2016 to submit our responses.

Previous Relevant EU positioning by WikimediaEdit


Draft answers on the EUSurvey portal (closed)

New answers to related consultation in 2017: File:European Data Economy Consultation - Answers.pdf

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