EU policy/Survey

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Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU



This page aims to collect polls, surveys and other metrics related to the EU policy initiative, which is run by a group of Wikimedians who self-identify as the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU.

Policy Issues Survey 2013Edit

Policy Issues Survey 2013 - Summary Report

A survey about the importance of various policy issues was set up at the Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong. It was targeted at Wikimedians, but unrestricted participation was permitted. While the original purpose was to create a pre-election questionnaire for political groups ahead of the European Parliament elections 2014, another hope is to be able to recognise the issues are given the highest priority by our community.


  • Fieldwork: 11.08.2013-5.10.2013
  • Publication: October 2013
  • Questionnaire
  • Raw Data (without personal information)

Topics important for above 80% of survey takers

  • Freedom of Information
  • Open Access
  • Open Government Data
  • Government Works
  • Freedom of Panorama
  • Open Educational Resources

Conclusion: Statement of Intent.