EU policy/Strategy/SafeguardingPD/Argumentation

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Safeguarding PD - Argumentation


This page outlines our argumentation in support of our safeguarding PD demand.


In one sentence
In order to ensure the necessary resources for the digitisation of our cultural heritage, we must prevent it from being locked-in.


What exactly are we demanding?
Make sure that scans or photographs of public domain works remain in the public domain. For this we need to include “Member States shall recognise that once a work is in the public domain (copyright and related rights in a work have expired), verbatim reproductions in full or in part of that work, regardless of the mode of reproduction and including digitisation, shall equally not be subject to copyright or related rights.” in the "Copyright in the Digital Single Market" Directive.


Main arguments in bullet points

Answers to counter-argumentsEdit

Replies to common counter-arguments

30-Second PitchEdit

3-Minute PitchEdit