EU policy/Research/Study on InfoSoc

I am calling for the creation of an experimental, on-wiki book group to plow through and decipher the 600 page study by the European Commission on the InfoSoc Directive.

Why a book groupEdit

No one should have to go through a 600 page study alone, so let's crowd-source! It's fun and effective.

Mode d'emploiEdit

I propose we just add sections for each chapter and then go through and summarise them. We should also have a discussion section for each chapter to incorporate various comments.


If you want to "call dibs" on a chapter, just sign the section (three tildes)



Chapter 2Edit

Section AEdit

Part IIEdit

  • II.II.C "The exception for on site consultation in libraries" pp. 307-322. (Possibly interested in B too once I'm done.) --Nemo 22:17, 20 March 2014 (UTC)