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This page intends to give an overview of some of the information available about the lobby on European legislation and policies.

Meeting, July 2009, BrusselsEdit

  • What: A dedicated meeting for chapters about EU legislation and policy lobbying
  • When: mid July
  • Where: Brussels, exact location will follow
  • Who: Chapter representatives who are the relevant board member on this topic for chapters are interested and able to contribute
  • More information: (internal)

Wikimania, August 2009, Buenos AiresEdit

Some suggested areas by the participants (but no conclusions, only brain storm!):

  • Reproductions of 2D works --> should make sure that the law/regulations are very clear that this is not a new work
  • Database rights
  • Software patents
  • Copyright on Government works / publicly funded works
  • Shorten duration of copyright
  • Staten purpose for copyright and limit to that (art, sciences, creativity, innovation)
  • Impact on collection societies when works are freely licensed (surtax, restrictions on their members)
  • Orphan works (when the copyright owner cannot be identified)
  • Raising threshold for the required added creativity to have copyright
  • Panoramafreiheit
  • Principle of the applying the most flexible law within the EU
  • Exceptions to circumvent rules (disability-DRM, archives etc)
  • Public sector information
  • Commissioning studies of copyright impact

(please note that this does not include any prioritization yet)

2012 - presentEdit

See: EU policy

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