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Next General Meeting (virtual): 13 November 2021

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Filipino Wikipedians celebrate Wikipedia 20Edit

Wikipedia celebration in the Philippines

Naga City, Philippines: Filipino Wikipedians in Camarines Sur joined the world in celebrating its 20th birthday. The Philippine community based in Naga City has initiated and organized various activities despite the pandemic including WikiGap Challenge, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikipedia Asian Month among others. Advocacy activities included Wikipedians appearing on a local program brodcasted over radio and social media platforms, and engaging vloggers and social media influencers in promoting Wikipedia. The Raul S. Roco Library which is run by City Government of Naga has been supportive of the Community's efforts.

PhilWiki Community supported Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, a pilot program of Wiki Education Team in partnership with Department of Education - Division of Pasay City, concluded in November. Just three days before the Wikipedia 20 celebration, Bikol Wiktionary project was approved after years in incubation.

Movement Charter Drafting Committee : Community ElectionsEdit


The Movement Charter Drafting Committee is expected to start with 15 people. There is a 4-step process for setting up the committee: Nomination process to create the candidate pool. Election process for project communities to elect 7 members of the committee. Selection process for affiliates to select 6 members of the committee. Wikimedia Foundation process to appoint 2 members of the committee.

A call for candidates takes place from August 2nd to September 14th 2021. The call is open to volunteers from wiki projects and affiliates as well as paid staff from affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation. The list of all candidates is public on Meta.

To be eligible for voting a user must: not be blocked in more than one project , and not be a bot, and have made at least 300 edits before 12 September 2021 across Wikimedia wikis, and have made at least 20 edits between 12 March 2021 and 12 September 2021. Affiliate staff and volunteer organizers will not be eligible to vote. Foundation staff will not be eligible to vote. However, individual staff members may still be eligible to vote as ordinary users

The elections will use the Single Transferable Vote method. Top 7 candidates will be appointed to be part of the Drafting Committee with a constraint of no more than 2 elected members per wiki project. The 8th and 9th candidate will remain in the stand-by list to act as an alternate if needed. Election process will take place from October 11 to October 24, 2021. Results of the elections will be announced before the end of October 31, 2021.

Details : Movement_Charter/Drafting_Committee/Set_Up_Process

PhilWiki Community sets new targets for 2022Edit

Wikipedia's 21s birthday celebration in the Philippines with Wiki Cuteness attendees

Through a series of consultations among its Community members in the past couple of weeks, the annual plan of activities of PhilWiki Community has been finalized.

With 43 members, to date, the organization aims to achieve new targets through its programs namely Capacity Building, Outreach, Education, Diversity, Advocacy, and GLAM.

This 2022, PhilWiki Community aims to build its capacity by conducting a monthly physical meeting and meetups with new contributors. Founded in 2015, the organization also aims to be the newest Wikimedia chapter in East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ESEAP) region by the end of the year.

Last year, the organization conducted 14 regular and special meetings. In partnership with Kintab Artists Group, Wiki Loves Art mural painting was conducted in 3 schools and a state university. Together with Kintab Artists Group Inc., Isarog Garden Society Foundation, Metro Naga Water District and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, it co-organized the Pagkarahay Art Festival in celebration of the National Environmental Awareness Month.

With the success of Wiki Loves photo contests, the organization as part of the Outreach program aims to entice more contributors of photographs, to increase participants in Wiki Loves Monuments PH, and to upload notable images of tourist destinations in the Philippines by new contributors. Aside from WLM PH, it also aims to organize at least one other localized photography contest.

Last year, it conducted a lecture on Wiki Loves Earth and Wikimedia Commons virtually, uploaded over 100 images on Wikimedia Commons thru Wiki Loves Folklore 2021 in the Philippines campaign, and organized 3 photowalks and an event to celebrate the 14th birthday of Bikol Wikipedia.

Four new targets each are set for Capacity Building and Outreach programs while under Education and Diversity programs there are 3 new goals each. PhilWiki Community has also 2 new targets both in Advocacy and GLAM programs.

This year, under Education program, PhilWiki Community aims to provide 1000 copies of localized Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom booklets to 5 secondary schools. It also aims to introduce Wikipedia as a learning tool and platform in 3 educational institutions with at least 3 teachers would include Wikipedia in their lesson exemplars for online class, and to recruit ten teachers to join the organization and train them as content editors within the year.

In 2021, over 200 printed copies of the localized version of the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Booklets were provided to teachers and students of San Juan NHS in Libmanan, Camarines Sur. PhilWiki Community also introduced Wikipedia as a learning tool and platform in Manapao Elementary School and San Juan National High School, and to 5 teachers from Cavite National High School, Ragay National Agriculture and Fishery School, Partido State University, and Central Bicol State University of Agriculture.

Fourteen teachers were also oriented about WikiGap Campaign and its Education program while 8 teachers were involved in the on-going Localization and Contextualization of Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom - Teacher's Guide Modules of the Education Team.

PhilWiki Community will pursue collaborations with its past and new partner institutions including Raul S. Roco Naga Public Library where its office is located. Likewise, this year it will continue its cost-effective, creative, and innovative projects to spur interest and promote Wikipedia among individuals on and offline.