ESEAP Hub/2018/TH Mentor Project

  • Event title: โครงการเมนเทอร์ (Mentor Project)
  • Date: Launched on 1 April 2018
  • Language: Thai
  • Community: Thai Wikipedia
  • Coordinator: Pilarbini (talk · contribs)
  • Project page | Statistics


Participants are asked to enroll as a mentor (with requirement of having an registered account older than 3 months and has more than 500 edits) or a learner. Thereafter, awards will be given to both the learner and the tutor, if the learner has reached one of the milestones including created 10 new articles (each larger than 2kb); made 100th edit (with edit summary, not minor edits, not reverted); or made at least one edit per day for 30 consecutive days (not reverted and not a minor edit).


  • to increase retention of new editors
  • to boost community engagement