ESEAP Hub/2018/TH 1A1P

  • Event title: โครงการหนึ่งบทความอย่างน้อยหนึ่งรูป (One Article, One or More Images Project; 1A1P)
  • Date: 1–31 May 2018
  • Language: Thai
  • Community: Thai Wikipedia
  • Coordinator: Pilarbini (talk · contribs)
  • Project page | Statistics


In a competitive setting, the project encourage participants to add article to the article needed image category, which was previously empty in Thai Wikipedia; to upload images to Wikimedia Commons; and to add images from Wikimedia Commons to the article. Participants will receive various points when each criteria is met and those with highest score with be awarded.


  • to encourage editors to upload and use images to and from Wikimedia Commons
  • to boost the awareness of the image needed cateogory
  • to increase community engagement