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Is "ESEAP Conference 2022: Reconnect" an In-person or Remote or Hybrid conference?Edit

"ESEAP Conference 2022: Reconnect" is a Hybrid conference. The program submission was open from 19 August - 2 September 2022.

Is there any chance for Wikimedian outside ESEAP region to do a presentation related to ESEAP?Edit

Yes, we offer a time for Wikimedian outside ESEAP to do a virtual presentation in the monthly meeting. The topic should be related to ESEAP.

Will ESEAP be streamed online?Edit

Yes, some streaming options will be available. They are to be confirmed and will be announced once the program is finalised.

Will participants bring candies and desserts from their respective countries similar to what we see in other Wikimedia conferences?Edit

No, due to Australian customs regulation, we discourage participants from bringing food items such as candies and desserts from their respective countries.

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We encourage rather participants to bring in coins, postcards, stamps, or printed materials from their respective countries. Like what was shown on the image on the left.

Visa Application DetailsEdit

Funding details Activities Organisation
Type of support: All costs Intended business activity: Conferences Maxim's Travel Pty. Ltd
Wikimedia Australia

Scholarship Details:

  • Catering (2 days): 170 AUD
  • Social Event: 50 AUD
  • Airfare (direct return): 1500 AUD
  • Airport Transfer: 50 AUD
  • Travel insurance: 100 AUD
  • Visa: 145 AUD
  • Accommodation (4 nights): 1,200 AUD

Total: 3215 AUD (Source)

World of Wikimedia 2022 (
University of Sydney
17-18 Nov 2022
ESEAP Conference 2022: Reconnect
Aerial UTS Function Centre
18-20 Nov 2022

Address: Level 8, 50 Margaret Street
Suburb / Town: Sydney
State / Territory: New South Wales
Postcode: 2000

Family name: Goddard
Given names: Christopher
Position: Travel Consultant
Business phone: 1300629467
Mobile / Cell phone: 61292486400