DouggaPedia is a project that consists in writing, translating and updating articles about the archaeological site of Dougga. The project is initiated by Africus which is a young club that works on the valorization of the Tunisian heritage.

Temple aux six colonnes 03


Dougga or Thugga or TBGG was a Berber, Punic and Roman settlement near present-day Téboursouk in northern Tunisia. The current archaeological site covers 65 hectares (160 acres). UNESCO qualified Dougga as a World Heritage Site in 1997, believing that it represents "the best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa". The site, which lies in the middle of the countryside, has been protected from the encroachment of modern urbanization, in contrast, for example, to Carthage, which has been pillaged and rebuilt on numerous occasions. Dougga's size, its well-preserved monuments and its rich Numidian-Berber, Punic, ancient Roman and Byzantine history make it exceptional. Amongst the most famous monuments at the site are the Libyco-Punic Mausoleum, the capitol, the theater, and the temples of Saturn and of Juno Caelestis.


  • Valorize the archaeological site
  • Enrich Wikipedia with articles on all the edifices of Dougga in different languages
  • Upload photos, maps and illustrations of all the edifices on WikiCommons
  • Create QR pedia plaques for all the edifices


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