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SVG Translation Workshop 2019 in Nepal - Report edit

Goals and Outcome edit

Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

Workshop goal and outcomes edit

The workshop goal set and the outcomes of the workshop are presented in the table below:

S.N. Goal Set Outcome Comment
1 Introduction of SVG translation among Wikimedians in Nepal Goal was met
2 Introducing the use of SVG translation applications and commons to maintain translated images Goal was met
3 To promote translation and use of SVG images in Nepali, Maithili and Doteli language Wikipedias Goal was met
4 Expected number of participants: 10-15 The number of participants was 10 Only 5 participants actively contributed in Translation
5 SVG Translation in Nepali, Doteli, and Maithili
  • 35 images were translated in Nepali
  • 11 image were translated in Doteli
Because of the time limitation and the less participation from the Maithili community, there is no translation in Maithili

Image List to Translate: Click Here for the List

Discussion Etherpad: STW2019inNepal

Participants / Gallery edit

Learning edit

Participants from Nepali and Doteli community has participated in this one day workshop. Initially, participants were not aware about the SVG translation. The workshop was started with the basics of SVG translation following the translation of SVGs and contribution to the commons. During the one day workshop 46 images in total have been translated (35 images were translated in Nepali and 11 images in Doteli). Thus I can say that this workshop is able to spread the awareness of SVG translation among the Wikimedians of Nepal.

Besides the good number of translations, few things did not work well. The first thing that did not work well is the the participation from Maithili community, there was no participation, which was not expected. Again, because of the parallel events of Wiki Women Editathon and Wiki Loves Birds held in the month of March the participation was little less as I expected in the plan. Besides all these things, the workshop goes very well and was able to need the goals set.

Finances edit

Total grant received edit

No grant received before the workshop.

Grant funds spent edit

The expenses during the workshop are given in the table below:

S.N. Title Expenses (NPR) Comments
1 Venue, Internet service, Snacks/refreshment 0 Sponsored by Maitreya Technology
2 Banners and Stickers 1190 Sticker, banner and other stationeries
3 Food and refreshment 2170 Expenses for event day, pre-event/post-event meeting
4 Travel Expenses 1040 Transportation cost during working organization (taxi and public bus expenses)
5 Miscellaneous 400 Miscellaneous (printing cheat sheets, telephone, and other operating costs)
Total 4800 NPR

Total spent = 4800 NRS (IC 3000)

Note: The Venue, projector service, and the tea was sponsored by the Maitreya Technology, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Thus the expenses on the topic are reduced to the very low amount. I am thankful to the Maitreya Technology for the supporting us as local sponsor.

Remaining funds edit

No Remaining funds. Only the Total spent amount of 4800 NRS (IC 3000) was refunded by CIS-A2K.--Nirajan pant (talk) 02:43, 4 July 2019 (UTC)[reply]