Dispute resolution analysis group/Essays

This is a collection of essays written by participants in the dispute resolution analysis group.


Essays should focus on dispute resolution in WMF projects. They should be relevant to a broader understanding of disputes and dispute resolution, an informed and reasoned critique of the current system(s), and/or to providing pragmatic solutions for reasonable criticisms and problem areas.

Review processEdit

Volunteers are encouraged to review the essays of other participants. Authors are encouraged to revise their work in accord with reasonable feedback and critiques. There is no formal peer-review or publishing process. Instead, we rely on standard feedback and discussion. While this is a wiki, please do not make significant revisions to another essay unless the author has indicated that it's an "open" essay or the changes have been discussed with the author.



General observations and commentary about broad trends and behaviors.


Observations, commentary and analysis on specific processes.


Commentary and analysis on specific cases.


Observations and analysis of failures (by groups and trends) in dispute resolution.


Proposed reforms and solutions for dispute resolution.


Essays that, while relevant, do not fit into another category.