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Dig It Foundation (DIF) est une organisation à but non lucratif qui chercher à promouvoir la croissance de Wikimedia et du mouvement de ses projets frères, en contribuant et diffuse à l’aide des outils Wikimedia les connaissances numérisés pour qu’elles soient universellement accessibles et utiles. Dig It Foundation est un groupe d’utilisateurs basée dans l’ouest du Ghana. La raison de la situation de ce grope d’utilisateurs est de faciliter la représentation de la région ouest du Ghana sur Wikipédia et ses projets frères que les citoyens et le communauté mondiale apprécie. Le groupe d’utilisateurs priorisera aussi la numérisation d’informations pertinentes non encore présentes sur Wikipédia et ses projets frères.

Our aim is to ensure that we train and retrain new and old contributors respectively on how to use Wikipedia and its sister projects on how to create new content, edit and also making partnership with user groups locally and globally so that we can collaborate to make a difference by making the sum of human knowledge free and opened.

Digitizing knowledge, making it universally accessible and usefully to the global community by training and retraining contributors.


Transforming the echo system through effective partnership and training.

Geographical Area

Dig It Foundation would be a user group which would be based in the Western Region of Ghana. Western Region is the second largest region in Ghana and it is the bread basket of knowledge which is uncovered. It’s a region where the first president (Dr. Kwame Nkrumah) of Ghana was born, a region with mineral resource,great history and aesthetic value. With this, my team and I would be undertake various project which would ensure that we have everything users need to know about the region on Wikipedia and it’s sister project with digitization possibilities.


The user group would be engaged in outreaches and publishing of notable content on Wikipedia and its sister project. Project that the team or user group would be looking at in our one year of members thus for 2019 if we are approved are as follows.

  • Shepedia.
  • QRpedia Project.
  • Football in Ghana.
  • Wikivoyage Project 360.
  • Movie Ghana.
  • Wikidata
  • Education Program

Project Outline

Project Undertaken

  • We had on offline training with Archbishop Porter Girls' Secondary School. This was a wikiloves women project.
    NB: this is just the wikipedia page of the girls school we worked with in 2015.
  • We also had an offline training at Ghana Secondary Technical School on how to edit wiki pages.
    NB: this is just the wikipedia page of the boys school we worked with in 2015.
  • We took part in the Afrocine (on English Wikipedia) contest organized from 1st October to November 30,2018.
  • Shepedia

Social Media Platform


List Participants

Please add your name here if you are interested in participating as a member of this group.

  1. Jwale2
  2. Richest Kid
  3. Myraclera
  4. Andrews Lartey
  5. Noah Alorwu
  6. Leonard Hagan


  • Maiden Edition of the AfroCine (on English Wikipedia)
  • Writing an Article for an animation series called Tales of Nazir for the first time.