Developer-community communication

There has been a great deal of debate about how developers and the community can better communicate with one another. Developers typically do not read threads posted to village pumps, partly because there are hundreds of village pumps under the Wikimedia aegis. Non-developers, on the other hand, sometimes get a chilly reception at (a project that is very focused on the issue of how to implement functionality rather than debate about what functionality should be implemented), and their bug reports at Bugzilla are often ignored or summarily WONTFIXed.

Meta appears to be the best meeting place for these two groups, because there is only one meta for all of Wikimedia, and the meta community is friendly to non-developers. There is more oversight of sysop actions on meta than on, so biting of newcomers is less likely on meta. The issue of community members and developers not being in the habit of checking meta can be solved by posting notices of current discussions to and to village pumps.

Another communication method is mailing lists, but community members who only want to express a concern about one issue may find it cumbersome to sign up for a list, receive all the list messages while discussion is ongoing, and then remove themselves from the list. Yet another option is IRC, but permanent archival of these discussions is not guaranteed, and IRC discussions are typically over quickly. Users who are not on IRC at the time of the discussion will not have an opportunity to participate.

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