Devanagari Wikis Monitoring Team

The Devanagari Wikis Monitoring Team (DWMT) is a group of Wikimedians who, using IRC and other tools, monitor small wikis for vandalism, spam or trolling. It is similar to SWMT. JBot-RC report any edits to the wikis that the DWMT monitors. To help, simply join #wikipedia-hiconnect or Wikipedia-hi on IRC. You can also edit the list of users below to register your participation.

Logo of Devanagari Wikis Monitoring Team

Definition of Devanagari Wikis edit

Devanagari Wikis means those languages projects which uses Devanagari script, uses 2 or more scripts including Devanagari or has close relations with Devanagari languages.

Wikis that the DWMT monitors edit

Devanagari Wikipedias edit

Wikipedias with more than 1 script edit

Close to Devanagari Wikipedias edit

Other wiki projects edit

Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikibooks, and others

How to monitor a wiki edit

  1. Monitor recent changes via IRC. See DWMT/IRC for details.
  2. Report pages that need deleting at Steward requests/Speedy deletions.
  3. Revert vandalism.
  4. Report vandals at vandalism reports.
  5. Report link spam for the Spam blacklist.

Global permissions edit

Any user in good standing can become a member of the DWMT. However, there are global permissions that may be of help. These include global sysop and global rollback.

Userboxes edit

You can add the following userbox to your user page by typing {{User DWMT}}:

  This user is a member of the
Devanagari Wikis Monitoring Team.

Members edit

Members are free to self-identify themselves as Devanagari Wikis Monitoring Team members. You may do so by editing the members list.

Members edit

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