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Wise leaders seek out as many questions as they do answers.

— Linda A. McLyman, Wise Leadership, p. 174

Deoband Community Wikimedia's Leadership Development and Skills Infrastructure Plan is a research project that aims to produce a leadership and skills infrastructure for the DCW's longer-run and institutional partnerships and sustainability. The study aims to further the recommendations of Leadership development and Skill development infrastructure from Movement Strategy Initiatives through a prism of institutional building and collaboration whilst at the same time prepare certain courses for the DCW. The project is supported by a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant of 4,651.50 USD.

Background and ideas edit

Project outlines edit

  • Ascertain the need for a skills and leadership development infrastructure.
  • Locate, scrutinize and analyze already available leadership and skills infrastructure - produced by different Wikimedia entities. (Prelimenary research)
  • Expand upon various aspects of leadership development and skills infrastructure with respect to the vision of knowledge-sharing.
  • Formulate few courses in line with the choice-based-credit-system of some Indian universities. This is subject to DCW's strategic recommendations viz. March 2023 strategic learnings.
  • Help design a short leadership course to be offered through WikiLearn.
  • Define a roadmap guideline about how to navigate the concept of knowledge-sharing in non-mission aligned institutions.

Development edit

  • Workshops at Sister Nivedita University and Celica Group, in Kolkata, on 27 November 2023. These were attended by more than 50 people including students, teachers, activists, and government officials.
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Aafi presenting at Train The Trainer, Kochi 2023
Aafi presenting during Pre-Conference, Wikimania Singapore

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