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The First General Body Meet is a proposed event which was first scheduled to happen in February 2023, in accordance with the DCW's Half-Yearly Strategic Budget Plan February-July 2023. It was proposed earlier to happen after the Bhopal Photo Event. This event would be first of the series covered in the half-yearly strategic plan.

Progress edit

The general body meet was proposed to happen between 15 and 20 February in New Delhi. It was suggested to be followed by a common meetup. An announcement was posted on the affiliate's mailing list on 4 February 2023.[1]

The general body meet was subsequently overtaken by a general meet-up which took place on 18 February 2023 in New Delhi. The "general body meeting" remains postponed until we hear from Wikimedia Foundation about issues related to our legal registration. The problems are being communicated through VRT and are accessible to trusted DCW volunteers. (c.f. ticket:2023011110003565 and ticket:2023021010003485).

References edit

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