Data on granting and denial of standard offer requests

This is a page to list data on what requests for Wimedia wiki ArbComs and communities to unban/unblock users pursuant to the standard offer have been granted or declined. Requests and decisions involving ArbComs are typically communicated by email, so it is up to the parties involved to provide that data. However, data concerning the communities' granting or declining standard offer requests is already publicly available; it's just a matter of researching to find it in all the places it's scattered about. Users are encouraged to apply for an unban whenever they become eligible, so as to provide more data points for this table.


Wiki User Date Decision-maker Decision Notes
Banned Unban requested Decided
English Wikipedia Leucosticte 2008.03.25 2013.10.07 2013.12.07 ArbCom Declined No reason was given; they stated only, "We have decided in a vote to decline your appeal. You will therefore not be unblocked at this time."
2014.06.06 2014.06.06 Declined No reason was given; they stated only, "The subcommittee has decided to deny your appeal. As you are a repeat appellant, you may not appeal again until after one year from the date of this message."
English Wikipedia Michaeldsuarez 2012.07.21 2013.07.22 2013.08.24 ArbCom Declined Initially, ArbCom didn't provide an explanation for the rejection. An explanation was requested on 2013.08.24, but an explanation wasn't provided until 2013.10.07.
English Wikipedia Kauffner 2013.08.23 2013.12.16 2014.01.17 ArbCom Declined "The Ban Appeals Subcommittee has carefully considered your application. We have decided that it would not be in the interests of Wikipedia to unblock your account, and that we are not satisfied the block of your account is no longer required. Therefore, we decline to unblock you at this time and your appeal is dismissed. You may submit another appeal after six months have passed from the date of this message."

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