Торренты дампов данных

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Please follow the XML Data Dumps mailing list by reading the archives or subscribing, for up to date news about the dumps; you can also make inquiries about them there.

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This is an unofficial listing of Wikimedia data dump torrents, dumps of Wikimedia site content distributed using BitTorrent, the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. This includes both dumps already being distributed at dumps.wikimedia.org and dumps created and distributed solely by others.

BitTorrent is not officially used to distribute Wikimedia dumps; this article lists user-created torrents. Please protect your computer and verify the checksum at dumps.wikimedia.org for any file downloaded from these unofficial mirrors (eg. for the last enwiki dumps).


  • Dark Green Arrow Down.svg: Each wiki's dumps are listed newest to oldest.
  • Wikimedia-logo-circle.svg: Dumps web seeded from the Wikimedia Foundation web server at dumps.wikimedia.org. These torrents should match the original dump exactly and have at least one high-speed seed for BitTorrent client. Clients that do not support web seeds will still be able to download from other peers (if any). To speed up downloading, on BitTorrent clients that support adding additional web seeds manually, any of the mirrors can be added (make sure to use the URL of the same file that is being downloaded).
  • TPB Magnet Icon.gif: Magnet download. Useful when the .torrent file is no longer available. These require metadata from other peers to start the download. Therefore you should always include a .torrent file too.
  • No-Symbol.svg: No longer seeded by anyone.
  • Most-recent Wikimedia-seeded torrents are listed in bold, but they are not necessarily the latest dumps available.
  • These are seeded by more than a dozen peers.


Torrent of Wikimedia Commons files torrents (over 23 TB in total as of early 2013).

Английская Википедия

Simple English Wikipedia

Английский Викиверситет

Английские Викиновости

Французская Википедия

Французский Викисловарь

Французская Викитека

Немецкая Википедия


Португальская Википедия

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  • For some reason Tixati does not connect to the web seed https://dumps.wikimedia.org/. A more specific URL, such as https://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/kiwix/zim/wikipedia/, connects as expected.
  • uTorrent does not save the web seeds list after you close it, so you will need to add them again if you have not finished the download.