Customizable wikitags

Certain types of documents have certain types of content, and templates help quite a bit, but, template wiki tags could be a wonderfull feature

There are a few problems in formatting that could be solved with custom wiki tags. Wikitags probably do more than just get translated into HTML... some may require changes in the renderor, to allow for solving of problems such as numbered list seporation, and newline as newline...

See Also: templates and Problem statements

unused wikitagsEdit

What wikitags are not in use now?

Implementation ideasEdit

Just incorporate a few new tags to handle the issuesEdit

possibly the simplest way, but not wickedly cleaverly cool.

embeded in pageEdit

A special tag could redefine a use of a wikitag midway through a doc

Per pageEdit

Special sub pages that contain html for replacement when using special wiki tags.


  • more stuff to move when moving a page
  • use varies all over the place
  • validating html could be complex, or allow complex bad things to pop up

Namespace wideEdit

change the behavior of wiki tags per namespace


  • may be too broad

Wiki wideEdit

provide customized use of wikitags for entire wiki


  • makes it hard to import and export wiki content