Cultural Heritage Mapping of Chamba Area-2019

Cultural Heritage Mapping of Chamba Area-2019 is an event organised by multilingual Wikimedian Harvinder Chandigarh the founder member of Wikimedians of North India with the objective of mapping of Cultural Heritage of Chamba Area.The event was organised from 17th April 2019 to 21st April 2019.


  • The event was organised primarily to preserve the online images ancient monuments of culturally rich area of Chamba district where there are temples which date back to 6th century.These temples are located primarily in Chamba city, Bharmour and Chhatrari.
  • Alongwith Cultural Heritage Mapping an effort was made to capture possible images of Natural heritage also .
  • Images of landscapes ,divers folk life of hilly people especially Gaddis were also captured to preserve and enrich the contyent on Wikipedia.


The event was organised from own financial and material resources.Prominant writers and local artists and community people helped in guiding and providing support in many ways.Mr.Subhash Rabra Punjabi/Hindi writer and cultural activist was the key person to provide guidence for coverage of the event.Mr.Tilak Sharma an miniature paining atrist from Chamba also helped in planning the event.Mr.Nitin an art lover from Bharmour assisted while the event was carried in Bharmour area.

Outcome and resultEdit

Dalhausi AreaEdit

Banikhet AreaEdit

Khijjiar AreaEdit

Chamba AreaEdit

Different views of Laxminarayan temple ,Chamba as on 18th April 2019


Landscape and peopleEdit

Bharmour AreaEdit

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Chhatrari AreaEdit

Images of Shri Shakti Devi temple Chhatrari ,ChambaEdit