This is a list of organizations with whom we should cooperate and build bridges. If you know people in the listed organizations and are willing to help in establishing contacts, please add your user name in brackets.

Seminars, Event organizers, Meta-orgs edit

  1. Wizards of OS, Berlin. Organizer: V.G. [elian].
  2. Ars Electronica, Linz.  ?? [Jimbo] | G.S., D.P. [Danny] (en:Prix Ars Electronica, Golden Nica Awards 2004)

Archival & Educational orgs edit

  1. Butterfly Works
  2. Geekcorps(en) and en:Ethan Zuckerman (via WofOS '04; cf elian)
  3. SchoolNet, Windhoek, Namibia : J.Komen
  4. The World Starts With Me (the other Golden Nica)
  5. -- WWW archive
  6. -- Physics pubs archive
  7. Encyclopedias -- Britannica, Columbia
  8. Brockhaus: This is work-in-progress. -- Mathias Schindler
  9. Public Library of Science (PLoS) - publishes Open Access Journals (Kurt Jansson?)
  10. Open Archives Initiative

German Organisations edit

See also: [1], [2]

Political Orgs edit

  1. Grüne Jugend (Germany) ( ( Mathias Schindler)
  2. FYEG (Europe) ( Mathias Schindler)
  3. FSF (Jimbo?)
  4. FSFEurope (potentially Elian)

Other edit

  1. Democracy on Line ( Mathias Schindler)
  2. Tactical Technology Collective, Amsterdam : M.Tuszyn.
  3. Bertelsmann a.k.a. (First contact due to a tiny copyvio. fixed. No reply from them yet).
  4. Flexicon - medicine-related GNU/FDL-mediawiki-"sorta-fork". 6K articles at the moment.

Contacts already established edit

See also edit