Composition of the Board of Trustees

The composition of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees is currently set by Article IV, section 3 of the Wikimedia Foundation bylaws, which establish that the Board should include three community-selected trustees, two trustees selected by Affiliates, one "Community Founder" seat held by Jimmy Wales, and four seats appointed by the rest of the board for "specific expertise". This format was set in 2008 (see announcement, resolution), before which there were a smaller number of members.

In 2020, the Board announced that it would expand the board to 16 seats.


Proposals to change Board compositionEdit

In 2015, the Board held a consultation on the composition of the Board, during which several proposals were put forth.

In 2016, Board member Dariusz Jemielniak (User:Pundit) presented a proposal to make all Board seats elected by the community.[1]