Enquête sur les souhaits de la communauté 2022/Résultats/Multimédia et Commons

This page is a translated version of the page Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Results/Multimedia and Commons and the translation is 100% complete.

Voici les résultats de la consultation des souhaits de la communauté pour la catégorie Multimédia et Commons – merci à tous les participants et participantes de cette année !

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Rang Proposition Symbol support vote.svg Tickets
1 Improve SVG rendering 108 T5593, T40010, T193352, T216815, T247697, T294484
Related: T43426, T64987, T283083, T11420, T35245, T20463, T154237, T280718, T180923, T261192, T36947, T205776, T142908, T208578, T134408, T134455, T134407, T134482, T18491
2 Mass uploader 70 T293543
3 World map extension 60 Related: T249419
4 Make category browsing multilingual using Wikidata 52
5 Audio links that play on click 40 T229169
6 Upload assistant: coordinates picker 37 Related: T58612
7 Allow UploadWizard to use other templates for import (Book, Artwork, etc.) 30
8 Improve browsing PDFs and DJVU 30 T54881
9 WikiCommons metadata analysis tool 30
10 Improve graphs and interactive content 29 T165118, T100444, T109630, T151127
Related: T195627, T195628, T226250, T172938
11 Finish deployment of videojs (and remove kultura) 28 T248418, T100106
12 Allow import of Flickr images regardless of claimed licence 23 T281599
13 Easy edit tool for EXIF data 21 Related: T218057, T222675, T22326
14 Map of user's uploads 20
15 Annotations in panoramic images 14 Related: T58666
16 Improve LaTeX rendering 14
17 Make the language list accessable 12
18 Support null edits 9 Related: T132467, T157670
19 Wikimedia Commons: New setting for description language for new uploads 9
20 Enable chunked uploads for files that replace existing files 7
21 PDF preview image upload 7 Related: T301161
22 Collection of Commons user images that are used in Wikipedia on an article main page 6
23 Commons Categories for Discussion tools 5
24 Cross-referencing Utility for Films 5
25 Hover to Zoom of images on desktop 5
26 Bulk Overwrite Tool 4
27 Change interface of FastCCI 3