Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Multimedia and Commons/Collection of Commons user images that are used in Wikipedia on an article main page

Collection of Commons user images that are used in Wikipedia on an article main page

  • Problem: On Wikipedia, many pictures by very arranged "photographers" have been included in main articles of Wikipedia for many years without the "overall effect" of the "commons" photographer on Wikipedia in any way in the "overall volume" quickly becoming apparent to one "foreign" users of this site can be seen. I think not only out of my own interest as a "street photographer" but also for many other "commons photographers" who share our photographic "work" sometimes and increasingly often through "nonsensical USERS" in the world of deletion requests" makes it a little difficult and "restricts" our "life energy" has illustrated.
  • Proposed solution: Creation of a tool that shows how many images of the commons photographer are used in Wikipedia main articles. This should also be communicated and displayed to the "deletion initiator" with every image deletion request.
  • Who would benefit: Administrators and image deletion applicants can quickly see how active the photographer is on Wiki Commons and Wikipedia. This should also be included more quickly and without "research" by an administrator when making a "deletion decision". In my case, it was precisely this argument that prevented a "USER" from applying for the deletion of my "entire user page" on Wikipedia!
Relieving the administrators by often - deletion and "questionable image deletion requests".