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  • Problem: The wishlist system creates scarcity, making volunteers compete for solution to bugs that should be working without volunteer's need to ask for. Each year, only the 10 most voted are evaluated and, some of them, are declined despite the popular vote. This creates more frustration. Even those that are not declined after the vote, may be forgotten or even not done: 2021 1/10 done, 2020 2/5 done, 2019 4/10 done. In the last three years, 25 proposals were made, and only 7 of those are done. Most of the projects proposed here, discussed and voted by volunteers, investing [hundreds of] hours of volunteer time, are declined, postponed or never done. Only a minority (less than a third) of the projects may be done, and some of them are even proposed to be voted... the next year. This creates even more frustration. Why should we be here proposing or discussing something that we know won't be ever done?

    On the other side, we find that the Wikimedia Foundation has funds and budget. The WMF is in good financial shape, but delivers a really scarce part of their budget to solve serious infrastructure issues that can put all our other efforts at risk.

    Finally, most of the things that are asked here are not even wishes... but only asking for things to work, even things that were working but broke due to some change made by the WMF. Solving basic infrastructure issues shouldn't be something we ask for in [a scarce handful of] wishes, this should be solved by default, without users and volunteers noting that things are broken.

  • Proposed solution: Just implement the first 50 wishes [each year]. That would make thinks work.
  • Who would benefit: All the community and volunteers. All the readers, who are reading us in obsolete ways. All the free software environment, because we create more free resources.
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  • Proposer: Theklan (talk) 20:12, 10 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]