Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Editing/Make the edit request process easier/Proposal

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  • Problem: Currently, it's hard to submit edit requests for protected (semi-protected, fully (admin) protected, etc) pages and pages where users have a COI (conflict of interest). Users often don't know how to use edit request templates, and for large edits, copying over text to talk pages is hard. On the other hand, it can also be difficult to review edit requests. Changes can be hard to implement, especially larger or more complicated ones.
  • Proposed solution: Allow users to propose edits by editing the article as if it were not protected, then instead of saving to the article, it saves the edit request on the talk page. This process should be configurable (which templates to use, etc.) to accommodate the different workflows across wikis. Additionally, the process should be easy and automatic for those submitting requests. To quote MusikAnimal here (in their volunteer capacity), As a good-faith new user, ideally I shouldn't have to learn about edit requests or any internal processes in order to contribute. I should just be bold and edit, inline with the spirit of the wiki.
  • Who would benefit: Users submitting and processing edit requests.
  • More comments: See also related discussion at the English Wikipedia Idea Lab.
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  • Proposer: EpicPupper (talk) 00:36, 16 January 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]