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语法高亮在经典的wikitext编辑器中可用,作为一个按钮()出现在工具栏中。它也在2017年版wikitext编辑器中可用,作为一个选项出现在“汉堡菜单图标”下拉菜单中。 用户可以使用该按钮开启和关闭语法高亮。 这是通过一个隐藏的参数设置来完成的,所以如果您关闭它,它将保持关闭状态,直到您再次开启为止。在第一次激活后,语法高亮被设置为关闭,所以您需要手动开启来使其工作。

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T259059
Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T101246 resolved



该功能的主要建设是由用户Pastakhov所开发的,以及让社群技术里的志工队来协助并替他完成该功能的发展。在社区技术里的方面,用户Niharika以及Ryan做下了大部分的工作,用户Ed Sanders在编辑团队的帮助下使用了维基正文模式的可视化编辑器来集成的。

As of September 2023, Community Tech is working on upgrading to CodeMirror 6, which will bring great enhancements such as RTL support, improved performance, accessiblity, and mobile support.




  • 更快的性能,已经被大量的优化
  • 使用"wysiwyg"-风格的效果,使其更容易看见该维基正文分子的影响 -- 例如,粗体的单词以粗体的文字为显示,斜体为显示斜体。
  • 章节标题较大,并有助于编辑者在屏幕上航行。
  • 链接是下划线和蓝色的,并使得他们更加可识别该链接。当显示的文字与链接不同时,该链接会是蓝色的,以及在管道之后所显示的文字会是黑色的,来以表明这部分是将被视为已看过的文本。
  • 为模板参数并使用粗体的彩色文字,条目的浅色文字。
  • 在链接上并使用浅色的背景高亮,而不是其他的元素。太多的背景高亮会使得该维基正文更难以扫描。
  • 等待编辑器在更改高亮的彩色之前先完成打字,让编辑器来完成键入该链接或者是该粗体/斜体的文字而不会将该行下面所有内容的文字闪烁为不同的彩色。

我们在决定使用代码镜像(CodeMirror)的之前注视到其他工具如wikEd由Cacycle,以及Syntax highlighter由Remember the dot等等之类的东西。

Status Updates


CodeMirror 6 is now deployed to Test Wikipedia. We invite users to try it out and provide feedback. It will be slowly deployed to more wikis in the coming weeks.


Community Tech is working on upgrading the extension to use the latest version of the CodeMirror library. This promises to bring many enhancements such as RTL support, improved performance, accessibility, and mobile support.




Syntax highlighting has graduated from Beta Feature status and is now available for all users inside the 2010 Wikitext Editor on all left-to-right language wikis, in addition to all languages in the 2017 Wikitext Editor. The feature can be enabled during any edit by selecting the 🖋 Highlight icon in the toolbar.

We hope this feature makes it easier to edit in wikitext and debug malformed markup. We'd love to hear your feedback on the talkpage.


Syntax highlighting is now available for all users inside the 2017 Wikitext Editor on all wikis. In the 2010 wikitext editor we have decided to not fix any of the edge case defects for Internet Explorer or Edge, and we are not going to support IME editing (phab:T194102).

Community Tech is currently focusing all attention on another 6-week project so development will resume in July. We hope to have the feature released by the end of July or early August. You can track the rollout here: phab:T185030.


Syntax highlighting will be available without a beta feature for 2017 Wikitext Editor on all Wikimedia projects (LTR and RTL) this week.


We are nearly ready to graduate this feature from beta on the 2017 wikitext editor for both LTR and RTL languages and the 2010 wikitext editor for LTR languages. We're been working on fixing the last bout of bugs from different browsers+editor combination.

When graduated from beta, the feature will be available for all users inside the wikitext editor, but will still require enabling by clicking the ✍️ highlighter icon in the toolbar or ≡ menu.


"Wikitext editor syntax highlighting" has survived as a beta feature for more than six months now. The influx of bug reports we saw when it was first launched has been reduced to a trickle. There are some outstanding bugs that the team is working on fixing.

Unfortunately, work on getting RTL support is still pending. The issues with RTL lie in the underlying library for the extension, CodeMirror, and need support from the library maintainer to get fixed. The library is undergoing a rewrite after which we will potentially be able to address the RTL issues. The extension is on the Hebrew beta wiki where the RTL issues can be tested.

We're hoping to get "Wikitext editor syntax highlighting" out of beta within the next month. The feature will be available for all to use by default as a toolbar option in the 2010 and 2017 Wikitext editors. You can follow phab:T185030 to stay up-to-date with the developments on this project.


Happy to report that a couple important bugs are fixed! Ctrl-F browser search now works for both the regular edit window and the new wikitext mode, and word jumping using the option+arrow key now works on Mac browsers.

Fixing browser spellcheck is close to done; we'll be releasing that fix soon.

We still need to fix an issue with the new wikitext mode not respecting whether the beta feature is turned on or off -- you can turn it off on the Beta features page, but still see it on in the new wikitext mode. You can follow progress on this ticket: phab:T173480.


We're currently working on an important bug -- the Ctrl-F browser search only works if the text you're looking for is currently displayed in the edit window, or just below it. We've been investigating this for the last couple of weeks; here's an update on how it's going. You can follow progress on this ticket: phab:T174480.

We were looking at using the search add-on that GitHub uses in their version of CodeMirror, and it's not an acceptable solution for us. It only works when you've got the cursor in the edit window -- if you're not inside the edit window, ctrl-F still gives you the browser search. That's not very discoverable -- for some people, it would just be broken sometimes. The add-on also uses a combination of ctrl-F to start the search and ctrl-G to move from one highlighted word to another, which is also not very discoverable. So that is a dead end for us.

We're now investigating a couple other options, including loading the page outside the edit window in the background, after the text in the edit window is displayed. This might slow things down, so we're testing the performance.

We're still focused on solving this issue; I'm sorry it's not fixed yet.


Some feedback from Andy M. on Wikimedia-L to consider:

"My first impression is that it is lacking in contrast – it's far harder, now, to differentiate the various types of content. Indeed the colour pairs used (e.g. #8800CC vs. #AAAAB3) fail WCAG web accessibility guidelines for colour contrast. I realise that choice of styling colours is a "bikeshed" matter, but contrast ratio is a quantifiable and objective accessibility issue. Also, because the script does not load immediately, the larger headings cause the page to "dance" as the script kicks in."


Syntax Highlighting has now been released as a Beta feature on all LTR Wikimedia projects! We hope that people love using the new feature. Please leave feedback on the talk page!

We're still working on making it work for RTL languages; you can follow this progress on this ticket: T170001.

Temporarily turned off, see phabricator:T172458.


CodeMirror deployed to Simple English Wikipedia as a Beta Feature.


Team discussion, playing with CodeMirror on CommTechwiki. Performance is good, as advertised. We're generally happy with the highlighting choices. We found some bugs, and some elements that should be improved -- for example, ref tags aren't highlighted in the current version. Ryan took a lot of notes, and he'll be working on these issues -- either working with the developers, or making adjustments on our own version.


Ryan talked to Ed S on the Editing team -- they're interested in including the syntax highlighter in the new wikitext editor. This will require some investigation.

There's a current hacked version by Ed: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/343878/

This version works by loading CodeMirror underneath the WikiText editor surface, making the text and background of the WikiText editor transparent, and syncing user input from the WikiText editor to the CodeMirror surface as it is entered. The problem is that it's sluggish and has syncing issues -- see phab:T161054 and phab:T161052 for more.


There's an existing extension -- Extension:CodeMirror -- that provides wikitext syntax highlighting on demand, adding a button at the top of the wikitext editor to turn highlighting on and off. (This uses a sticky preference so that an editor can turn it on once, and then see it on all future page loads.) The highlighting is acceptably fast, it takes less than a second even on a lengthy article like English WP's Barack Obama page.

There are two different use cases for syntax highlighting -- essentially, it could be a power editor feature, or a new editor training tool. Very active editors want syntax highlighting to help them edit; if this is the use case that we're focusing on, then we can make it a special preference, and let people decide if they want to use it. If we want to focus on helping new editors, then the feature would have to be on by default, and would require much stricter QA. The comments on the Wishlist proposal and votes indicate that people are requesting the power editor feature.

With that in mind -- we're planning to deploy CodeMirror as a special preference for the old wikitext editor. This will need some instruction on the preferences page to explain how to use the button & turn it on.

The VE team is planning to include this in the 2017 wikitext editor as well; we'll talk to Ed S. to see how we can work together. We'll have to make sure we agree on the color choices. In general, we'll be expected to explain the color choices, so we'll look at the existing CodeMirror colors and make sure we understand the rationale.

Another thing we have to figure out -- how will this work outside of en.wp?



这是CodeMirror CSS样式的一部分名单。默认CodeMirror样式定义的完整名单见Phabricator网站



您可以使用.CodeMirror-lines CSS类来整体控制CodeMirror编辑窗口的外观。使用此需要您自行承担风险。诸如line-height的修改不会在2017年版wikitext编辑器上生效。也请注意为下述CSS类添加的规则将具有优先权。

CSS Class(es) Element CodeMirror styling (CSS) wikEd's styling (See InitFrameCSS) Schnark's styling Rememberthedot's styling
.cm-mw-skipformatting leading space foo bar  foo bar  foo bar
.cm-mw-list asterisk or number sign * foo bar, # foo bar * foo bar # foo bar * foo bar # foo bar * foo bar # foo bar


signature, horizontal rule ∼∼∼∼, ---- ~~~~, ---- ~~~~, ---- ~~~~, ----
.cm-mw-indenting colons ::: foo bar ::: foo bar ::: foo bar ::: foo bar
.cm-mw-mnemonic HTML entities & & & &
.cm-mw-comment HTML comment <!-- comment --> <!-- comment --> <!-- comment --> <!-- comment -->


bold and italic '''bold''' ''italic'' '''bold''' ''italic'' '''bold''' ''italic'' '''bold''' ''italic''
pre.cm-mw-section-1 heading (size not changed in NWE) = Heading = = Heading = = Heading = = Heading =
pre.cm-mw-section-2 heading (size not changed in NWE) == Heading == == Heading == == Heading == == Heading ==
pre.cm-mw-section-3 heading === Heading === === Heading === === Heading === === Heading ===
pre.cm-mw-section-4 heading ==== Heading ==== ==== Heading ==== ==== Heading ==== ==== Heading ====
pre.cm-mw-section-5 heading ===== Heading ===== ===== Heading ===== ===== Heading ===== ===== Heading =====
pre.cm-mw-section-6 heading ====== Heading ====== ====== Heading ====== ====== Heading ====== ====== Heading ======
.cm-mw-section-header equals signs ==
example {{cite book|title=foo bar}} {{cite book|title=foo bar}} {{cite book|title=foo bar}} {{cite book|title=foo bar}}
.cm-mw-template other template content foo bar
.cm-mw-template-name template name cite book cite book
.cm-mw-template-argument-name template parameters title= title=
.cm-mw-template-delimiter pipe | |
.cm-mw-template-bracket opening/closing brackets {{ }} {{ }}


whole template

(number is the level of nesting)

{{foo|{{cite book|title=foo bar}}}}
example {{{foo|bar}}} {{{foo|bar}}} {{{foo bar}}} {{{foo bar}}}
.cm-mw-templatevariable variable bar
.cm-mw-templatevariable-name triple-braced variable name foo
.cm-mw-templatevariable-bracket opening/closing brackets {{{ }}}
.cm-mw-templatevariable-delimiter pipe |
Parser functions
example {{#assessment: A | High }} {{PAGENAME}}
.cm-mw-parserfunction parser function parameters High
.cm-mw-parserfunction-name parser function name PAGENAME #invoke
.cm-mw-parserfunction-bracket opening/closing brackets {{ }}
.cm-mw-parserfunction-delimiter delimiter :
Extension tags
Note: The extensions can use own styles and rules for highlighting text inside own tags. For example the Cite extension highlights text inside <ref> tags as a wikitext.
example <poem style="padding: 1em;">string
whole line
<ref name="foo"> </ref> <tag>...</tag> <tag>...</tag>
pre.cm-mw-exttag whole line inside tags
whole line
.cm-mw-exttag text inside tags string
.cm-mw-exttag-name tag name poem
.cm-mw-exttag-bracket opening/closing brackets < >
.cm-mw-exttag-attribute reference attributes style="padding: 1em;"
HTML tags
example <span style="foo">foo bar</span> <span style="foo">foo bar</span> <tag style="foo">foo bar</tag> <tag style="foo">foo bar</tag>
.cm-mw-htmltag-name HTML tag span
.cm-mw-htmltag-bracket opening/closing brackets < >
.cm-mw-htmltag-attribute parameters and values style="foo"

superscript subscript

foo<sup>bar</sup> foo<sub>bar</sub>


Pre-formatted text


pre-formatted text <pre>foo bar</pre> <pre>foo bar</pre> <tag>foo bar</tag> <tag>foo bar</tag>


nowiki text <nowiki>foo bar</nowiki> <nowiki>foo bar</nowiki> <tag>foo bar</tag> <tag>foo bar</tag>
Internal links

[[foo bar]] [[foo#section|bar]]

[[foo bar]] [[foo#section|bar]]

[[foo bar]] [[foo#section|bar]]

[[foo bar]] [[foo#section|bar]]

.cm-mw-link-pagename internal link target foo bar
.cm-mw-link # character #section
.cm-mw-link-tosection characters after the # #section
.cm-mw-link-bracket opening/closing brackets [[ ]]
.cm-mw-link-text link label (no additional formatting)
.cm-mw-link-delimiter pipe |
.cm-mw-pagename internal link targets foo bar
External links

https://www.example.org [https://www.example.org] [https://www.example.org example.org]

https://www.example.org [https://www.example.org] [https://www.example.org example.org]

https://example.org [https://example.org] [https://example.org example.org]

https://example.org [https://example.org] [https://example.org example.org]



external link target www.example.org


protocol https://
.cm-mw-extlink-text link label (no additional formatting)
.cm-mw-extlink-bracket opening/closing brackets [ ]

{| class="wikitable" |- ! Header text !! Header text |- | Example || Example |}

{| class="wikitable" |- ! Header text !! Header text  |- | Example || Example  |}

{| class="wikitable" |- ! Header text !! Header text  |- | Example || Example  |}

{| class="wikitable"
! Header text !! Header text
| Example || Example

.cm-mw-table-bracket opening/closing brackets and pipe {| |}
.cm-mw-table-delimiter row and column separators | |- !
.cm-mw-table-definition table classes and styles class="wikitable"
.cm-mw-table-caption header cell text !caption
magic words __TOC__ __TOC__ __TOC__
semi-colon (d.term) ; foo bar
(treated as extension tag) math <math>\sum_{i=0}^\infty 2^{-i}</math> <math>\sum_{i=0}^\infty 2^{-i}</math> <tag>foo bar</tag> <tag>foo bar</tag>
(treated as extension tag) syntaxhighlight (former score) <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight> <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight> <tag>foo bar</tag> <tag>foo bar</tag>
(treated as internal link) category [[category:foo bar]] [[category:foo bar]] [[category:foo bar]] [[category:foo bar]]
file preview (file preview at the right-hand edge)
character disambig

(nbsp thinsp ndash mdash minus etc.)

  (screenshot) -


  • 打开您所想要应用在这个维基上的[[Special:MyPage/common.css]]页面(使用m:Special:MyPage/global.css折是代替所有维基上的页面)。
  • 列表中显示了一个例子(* 以及 #)。添加一行
    .cm-mw-list {background-color: green; color: red;}
    的线条在底部(该cm-mw-list列表会来自上表中的第二个表格行),并保存起来。打开一些高亮编辑的页面并尝试该列表 - * 以及 #。绿色以及红色可以使用你所喜欢的彩色来代替,例如红绿蓝(rgb)的彩色折是使用 #123456 的代码。
  • 通过在同一个维基上见解有列表的编辑视窗并进行保存及测试以便能看出该工作是否有按照预期而形成。(该符号的背景应当是绿色的以及该符号是红色的)。
  • 编辑您的common.css页面以及将该colours更改为您所喜欢的任何内容,并再次保存。
  • 对所有你想要的改变做出同样的事情,使用来自表格第一列的代码并选择你的恰当彩色。
  • 如果您偶尔需要更改为其他特殊用途的彩色,你可以使用常规/* ... */的厚块注释来注出一组CSS的代码并添加另一组的注释。若要更改回来,将注释代码从一组转换到另一组。这会有一点头痛,但总比没有得选择来的更好。
  • 如果你更喜欢在许多维基上使用一些配色方案而在另一个或两个维基上使用另一种配色方案,按照他们的说明来使用本地的文件 - 这将会覆盖到全域的维基上。