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What is the Community Tech Wishathon?

Like in Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, the Wishlist seeks to make Wikimedia community wishes come true!

Every year Community Tech get lots of proposals from technical contributors that get voted for by the community — we then review the first 30 for technical complexity, design complexity and community impact.

There's always so many wonderful proposals that we often don't get a chance to work on, so we found it's a great cause for a hackathon, which allows us to work on distinct, previously unselected tasks.

Given that one of our main goals for the current and the coming quarters is to increase cross-team and cross-departmental collaboration, we decided to join with other teams, combine our efforts and organise together. We feel like our teams want to initiate collaboration as we touch so many codebases and want to learn from each other.

Since May 2022, Community team has hosted quarterly online Hackathons to engage the Wikimedia Foundation staff in helping to deliver wishes the team doesn't have the capacity to work on.

Hackathon? CodeJam? Wishathon??

Main article: Hackathon

It's all the same way of describing an event "in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects."

September 2023


This Wishathon is being held from September 25–29, 2023.

Hackathon Projects

May 2023


This Wishathon was held from May 8–12, 2023.

Hackathon Projects

December 2022


This Wishathon was held from December 12–16, 2022.

Hackathon Projects

September 2022


Second Wishathon was held from September 26–30, 2022.

Hackathon Projects

May 2022


Inaugural hackathon was held from May 9–13, 2022.

Hackathon Projects