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  • Email: communityresources(_AT_)
  • For questions about the Community Resources Grants
    • Rapid Grants: rapidgrants(_AT_)
    • Project Grants: projectgrants(_AT_)
    • Simple Annual Plan Grants: simple(_AT_)
    • Annual Plan Grants: fdcsupport(_AT_)
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L’équipe Ressources communautaires de Wikimedia Foundation améliore la quantité, qualité, diversité et portée de la connaissance libre en fournissant des financements et autres ressources aux organisations et personnes partageant notre mission dans le monde. Nous soutenons les communautés (personnes, groupes et organisations) dans les objectifs suivants :

  • construire des communautés stables et des organisations concrètes qui amènent à des programmes efficaces partageant notre mission ;
  • innover par des programmes et technologies au service des contenus et communautés de Wikimedia ;
  • faire grandir, soutenir et faire changer d’échelle les idées les plus réussies.


The Community Resources team supports the IdeaLab, a place for ideas that benefit the Wikimedia movement.

We want to empower our grant recipients and other community members to,

  • plan and execute effective and innovative initiatives focused on Wikimedia projects
  • share ideas, strategies and innovations with the wider movement
  • have strong and effective governance, including fiscal accountability
  • increase and diversify participation in free knowledge within their communities.


These are our current grants programs, based on a consultation we conducted in 2015:

Bourses individuelles d’engagement

Soutien complet des projets issus d’individus et de petites équipes, visant un impact en ligne.

Bourses de projet et d’événement

Dépenses relatives à l’organisation d’événements et l’exécution de projets. Pour les individus, groupes et organisations.

Conference Grants

Funding and planning support to host local, regional or thematic Wikimedia conferences.
Simple Annual Plan Grants

Supporting initial annual planning and operational capacity of movement affiliates and other organizations.
Plan annuel de subvention

Financement des budgets annuels et des objectifs de mission des organisations affiliées.

Our resource offerings also include:

Ce que nous faisonsEdit

Subventionner les bénévoles et organisations pour faire grandir projets, programmes et responsablesEdit

Our grantmaking work involves the following key activities:

  • Development of prospective projects, programs and leaders - We work with prospective grant applicants, emerging movement leaders, and other organizations to develop ideas, network within the WMF and the broader movement to identify potential grantees, and provide support for achieving and measuring impact through program work.
  • Grantee support and mentorship - We work closely with applicants and grantees throughout the grants process. This includes giving early input on proposal drafts or ideas, posting assessments and decisions about each request, meeting with grantees on a regular or as-needed basis to provide advice and support, and reviewing grant reports. In 2014/15, we handled 1,390 funding requests.

Facilitate community representation in movement decisions through committeesEdit

We work with 5 grants committees (FDC, IEGCom, GAC, TPS and Wikimania Scholarship Committee). These 70+ people make or inform recommendations or decisions, or perform specific community functions. Our work with them includes:

  • Committee recruitment and training - We recruit candidates for 3 committees (FDC, IEGCom and GAC). We also oversee orientation and training for new committee members, which may involve in-person trainings or online modules.
  • Supporting participatory decision-making for grants - We work with committees to ensure their review of applications and make recommendations or decisions. We design and steward the process and timelines to support effective action from volunteer groups, create and coordinate inputs to committee decision-making, facilitate discussions to make recommendations, and regularly share relevant updates and information about grantees and WMF.

Support communities and affiliates in growing their capacitiesEdit

Key areas of capacity development we focus on include:

  • Relationship-building and mentorship in emerging communities - We are developing a framework for emerging communities to grow their capacities. We stay informed of developments in emerging communities and support their healthy growth and capacity building.
  • Supporting Wikimedia organizations through grants - We support Wikimedia organizations, including chapters, user groups, and thematic organizations, through grants, and connect them with resources to build their capacities to support Wikimedia communities.

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