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Extension for Application

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your valuable questions, all of the enthusiasm, and support for power-sharing and decentralization efforts as we transition to regional committees for grants.

We recognize that more time is needed to reach out to individuals and the original timeline of three weeks was not enough to spread the word about these new committees. We would like to extend the deadline for another three weeks until June 24th, 2021. We welcome people with a diverse set of experiences both within the Wikimedia community or in their professional careers.

We value the feedback about current board members' play in the Wikimedia movement. Board members provide invaluable leadership and we want to make sure their knowledge and experience are incorporated into the regional committees. We are considering the possibilities for how to integrate their expertise, such as a mentorship program to empower the regional committees. We are hoping that the initial committee members will also contribute towards defining these possibilities and eligibility criteria in general. If any current board member is interested in participating in supporting the regional committees through a mentorship program, please do apply and highlight your current board membership.

Please help us spread the word in your community about this exciting opportunity.

Thank you,

On behalf of the Community Resources Team