Compromiso comunitario (Producto)/consulta de Espectador de los Medios de comunicación

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Esta consulta es ahora cerró. Esté conducido para 11 días, empezando agosto 28, 2014. Gracias a todo el mundo quién proporcionó retroalimentación y sugerencias para mejorar la herramienta de Espectador de los Medios de comunicación. El equipo Multimedia cuidadosamente ha revisado todas las sugerencias y mejoras previstas listadas en la sección de resultados abajo.

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El Wikimedia la fundación recientemente lanzó una interfaz nueva para ver imágenes en Wikimedia los proyectos llamados de Espectador de Medios de comunicación. Espectador de medios de comunicación da acceso de lectores a imágenes más grandes cuándo ellos clic en thumbnails. La herramienta también proporciona información básica y un navegador sencillo para otras imágenes en la misma página. Para más detalles y editando, el usuario puede acceder el Archivo: página directamente de Espectador de Medios de comunicación.

Los colaboradores tienen una participación significativa en cómo la información está presentada en Wikimedia sitios. El objetivo de esta consulta era para identificar cualesquier asuntos críticos con esta experiencia nueva, basado en vuestra retroalimentación. Si estado de acuerdo a los asuntos críticos no pueden ser resueltos en el plazo cercano, el Wikimedia la fundación temporalmente moverá la característica atrás a optar-en beta globalmente.

Periodo de consulta: agosto 28 @– septiembre 7

Resultados de consulta

Screenshot Del prototipo de diseño nuevo del Espectador de Medios de comunicación [1]

Gracias a todos los participantes para vuestras sugerencias constructivas para mejorar Espectador de Medios de comunicación.

El Wikimedia el equipo Multimedia de la fundación ha revisado cada cual de las 130 sugerencias de esta consulta comunitaria y priorizó un número de tareas de desarrollo importante para la liberación próxima de esta característica. Aquellos priorizaron las tareas han sido añadidas al lista de mejoras abajo.

We have already started development on the most critical ('must-have') improvements that you helped identify and that have been validated through user testing (see research findings and design prototype). We plan to complete all “must have” improvements by the end of October and deploy them incrementally, starting this week. See the multimedia team's improvements plan and development planning site for details.

As we release these improvements, we will update everyone through regular posts on the Media Viewer talk page. Please continue to share your feedback after testing these improvements.

Some media files lack machine-readable metadata and you asked us to fix this. To that end, we are launching a file metadata cleanup drive. This will lay the groundwork for the structured data partnership with the Wikidata team, to enable better search and re-use of media in our projects and many other features. We encourage everyone to join these efforts.

Along with my colleagues at the Wikimedia Foundation, I thank you for your input in this consultation and look forward to more collaborations with you in the future. Many thanks from all of us! Fabrice Florin (WMF) (talk) 23:37, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

Media Viewer improvements list

Must have

These improvements are critical for this release:

  • Make it Opt-In (See Request for Comments/Meinungsbild on Commons, enWP and deWP). This was the number one piece of feedback. The WMF has declined to follow community consensus on this matter. X mark.svg Not done
  • A more prominent link to the File: page – see suggestions by Gryllida, Nyttend, Deskana, Jee, Yes check.svg Done
  • "More Details" should include project icon – see suggestion by Patrick87, Andy king50, Goldzahn. Yes check.svg Done
  • Enlarge images by clicking on them – see suggestions by Nyttend, Luha, Anika, SlimVirgin. Yes check.svg Done
  • An easier way for any user to individually disable the tool for their personal use – see suggestion by Orderinchaos. Yes check.svg Done
  • Re-enable Media Viewer from a File Page – see suggestion by Andy king50, Ultra7. Yes check.svg Done
  • Rename File page button to better label than "Expand view" – see suggestion by Sminthopsis84. Yes check.svg Done
  • A caption or description right below the image – see suggestion by Yes check.svg Done
  • Make MediaViewer text larger in Monobook – see suggestion by Deskana. Yes check.svg Done
  • Pre-render thumbnails on backend for new uploads – see suggestions by Chewbacca2205, Holger1959, Rich Farmbrough, Yes check.svg Done
  • Support metadata cleanup drive. [2] Yes check.svg Done

Should have

These important improvements will be considered, if time allows – but may need to be pushed to future releases:

  • Attribution prompt improvement – see suggestions by Holger1959 and Gnangarra.
  • Show file page link if attribution is missing – see suggestion by Rich Farmbrough. Yes check.svg Done
  • Fix 'Licensed under Fair Use' credits.
  • Additional attribution/licensing improvements consistent with metadata cleanup effort.

Could have

These improvements would be 'nice to have', but are not deemed critical for this release – they will be considered for future releases:

  • Adjust the ‘Go back’ function for Media Viewer – see suggestions by Freddie331, Rich Farmbrough.
  • Faster access to file names – see suggestions by KuboF and Nyttend.
  • Additional performance improvements for users on slow connections.

Selection criteria

Here are the selection criteria we used for adding community suggestions to the improvements list above:

  • Importance: Can this suggestion significantly improve the experience for target users: readers and casual editors?
  • Feasibility: Can this suggestion be practically implemented with available resources in the short term? (or does it require an extraordinary or long-term investment?)
  • Validation: Is this suggestion confirmed by research data or frequent requests from target users? (e.g. validated through user studies, surveys or talk pages)
  • Support: Is this suggestion supported by many community members? (e.g. editors on talk pages) This feature primarily targets readers, but we recognize that issues many contributors care about should be taken into account.

Members of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Multimedia and Community Engagement (Product) teams participated in the discussion page (recognizable by the “(WMF)” in their usernames). Final decisions on which improvements to prioritize were made by the multimedia team, based on the above criteria. While there is no perfect formula for determining which features to build first, we carefully considered the trade-offs between impact and cost, and aimed to validate each decision based on user data or feedback.