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Community Insights

The Community Insights Survey

The 2022 Community Insights survey is collecting responses starting in June! You can find the 2022 privacy policy in the original English, or see the identical 2020 Meta version which has been marked for translation.

The Community Insights Survey is conducted annually to help the Wikimedia Foundation learn how to better support you, both on- and off-wiki. The 2022 survey questions will be used to help track progress toward the 2030 Strategic Direction. Information gathered in this survey helps the Foundation evaluate and strengthen its programs and strategies.

Some of the questions you see could be about:

  • The online and offline activities you participate in.
  • Your experience with collaboration, communication, and respectful interaction in the movement.
  • Your awareness of as well as opinions about various Wikimedia programs.
  • General demographic information such as where you live or the languages you speak.

What changed in 2022?

  • We significantly reduced the length of the survey. It should now take most respondents only 10 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • We added a section of pilot demographic questions to better understand the diversity of our movement. Like all other demographic questions, these pilot questions are optional to answer. View the entire survey questionnaire and find out more about these demographic questions here!
  • We changed how we distribute the survey, and for most users we will be asking for their consent to be sent a link to the survey by using the on-wiki email feature. If you were sampled to participate in the survey, you may receive an email and private on-wiki ping from TAndic (WMF) or KCVelaga (WMF).


Each year, we work towards making the data from Community Insights more representative of Wikimedia communities worldwide. In 2022, the survey was written in English and translated into 28 other languages. It is now available in:

  • アラビア語
  • インドネシア語
  • ベンガル語
  • カタロニア語
  • 簡体中国語
  • チェコ語
  • オランダ語
  • 英語
  • ペルシア語
  • フィンランド語
  • フランス語
  • ギリシャ語
  • ドイツ語
  • ヘブライ語
  • ヒンディー語
  • ハンガリー語
  • イタリア語
  • 日本語
  • 韓国語
  • ポーランド語
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • ルーマニア語
  • ロシア語
  • スペイン語
  • スウェーデン語
  • タイ語
  • トルコ語
  • ウクライナ語
  • ベトナム語


Month and Year Survey Milestones 状態
2021年1月-5月 2020 Survey results reported back to community and Foundation staff. Full report will be available on meta in May 2021. 完了
2021年10月 Changes to Community Insights for 2021-22 announced. 完了
2021年10月-2022年5月 Survey revised and shortened, Survey translated, Survey sampling and participant recruitment tools are explored, Global Data & Insights collaborates with interested community members to pilot, confirm, and contextualize questions. 完了
2022年6月 - 2022年10月 Survey is live. 完了
2022年10月 - 2023年1月 (tentative) Survey Data is analyzed. 完了
January - March 2023 (tentative) Survey results reported back to community and Foundation staff. Full report will be available on Meta-Wiki in March 2023 (tentative estimate, dependent on previous step). 完了