Community Insights/Evaluation


Community Engagement Insights has an evaluation that will measure how effective and efficient the project is at meeting its goals. Evaluation of this project is essential given that it can potentially take up a lot of staff and community time to implement and we want to make sure this project is delivering value for everyone involved. This process is run by the Learning & Evaluation team.

Evaluation designEdit

The methodology for the evaluation of CE Insights has three primary data sources: (1) A survey will be to staff (2) A survey embedded within the Performance survey to communities and (3) focus groups and interviews at the end of the year.

The goals of both the surveys and the interviews will be to learn effective CE Insights was at meeting its goals[1] and to determine what worked well and what in the process of implementing CE Insights.

Survey questionsEdit

  • Questions for staff -- will be posted after survey is released
  • Questions for communities

Process evaluationEdit

  • Community interviews
  • WMF interviews

Evaluation ReportsEdit

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