Community Engagement Insights/2016-17 Report/Question 127-CS01

Question 127 (CS01)Edit

Which of the following activities have you done at least once in the last 12 months? Select all that apply.

Participants could select more than one option

0% did not select an option [?]

1 – Make contributions or curate content on any Wikimedia project (e.g. editing) (97%)
2 – Apply for any Wikimedia Foundation grant (e.g. Annual Plan Grants, Project and Event Grants, Rapid Grants, Project grants, Travel and Participation Support Grant) (6%)
3 – Attend offline Wikimedia events (e.g. editathons, conferences, hackathon) (18%)
4 – Participate in online Wikimedia events (e.g. a remote conference or meet-up) (9%)
5 – Support Mediawiki or Wikimedia software development (e.g. report a bug, test a product, have technical discussions, write software code, build tools) (13%)
6 – Organize community programs or events (e.g. editathons, GLAM, conferences, education program) (11%)
7 – Participate in a Wikimedia affiliate (e.g. Wikimedia chapter, thematic organization, user group) (17%)
8 – Conduct research related to Wikimedia (e.g. worked on a project on meta:research) (5%)
97% of survey participants contributed to Wikimedia projects online.


Response statistics Value
Total participants[?] 4993 (100%)
Answered question[?] 4993 (100%)
Did not select an option[?] 0 (0%)
Dropped out[?] (not available)
Margin of error[?] 2%