Community Capacity Development/Ukrainian 2016/Archive 1

Project plan: main project

Conflicts take too much time and energy from community; Newbies find it hard to integrate because of newbie-biting
Increase community capacity to manage conflicts
Key steps
  1. Understand and baseline community interest in conflict management training   Done
  2. Identify suitable trainer   Done
  3. Conduct pre-training survey   In progress…
  4. Schedule in-person training   In progress…
    1. date   Done
    2. venue
    3. international travel   Done
    4. domestic travel
    5. logistics (refreshments etc.)
  5. Hold in-person training with external expert (May 2016)
  6. Conduct post-training survey (May 2016)
  7. Conduct follow-up survey 3 months after training (August 2016)
  8. Evaluate and write final report (September 2016)
Community survey before and after training, to assess: perceived level of conflict (as perceived by two groups: those participating in frequent conflicts, and those who rarely participate in conflicts), the frequency of certain topics of conflicts, the frequency of certain behaviors (e.g. off-topic abusive behavior).

Project plan: side project

New contributors retention is low
Design and conduct an experiment aimed at improving retention
Key steps
  1. Brainstorm possible experiments   In progress…
  2. Obtain baseline retention data
  3. Select experiment; agreed on method and duration
  4. Obtain community consent for proposed experiment
  5. Implement experimental change
  6. Assess experiment results at end of experiment
  7. Evaluate and write final report