Community Capacity Development/Portuguese 2016/Post- versus pre-training analysis

Abstract edit

This page presents a comparison of pre-training versus post-training survey responses about on-wiki media communication skills conducted in the Portuguese Wikipedia community in Brazil on April 9th-10th 2016, in the context of the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Capacity Development pilot project. This comparison only covers key questions that appeared in both surveys.

14 responses were received for the pre-training survey and 12 for the post-training survey.

Effective external communication work edit


Disseminating an effective press release edit


Obtaining access to news outlets to respond to coverage about Wikimedia edit


Responding to media questions in a live interview edit


Designing and executing a small media campaign edit


Suggested conclusions edit

From the results of the post-survey overall and this comparison, the following conclusions are suggested:

  1. About half the participants had media relations experience, and half did not.
  2. The training was appreciated and welcomed.
  3. The training was found engaging and clear.
  4. The training was successful in the short term, in that it generated or renewed interest and appetite for doing off-wiki communications and media relations work, and provided some grounding in best practices. It remains to be seen whether the energy is maintained long term, and what outcomes are achieved.

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