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It is very helpful for the Communications Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department to know when a sensitive or notable IP address is blocked. This page provides information on why and how to share this information with the Communications Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department.


Sensitive or notable IP addresses relate to the digital address used by visitors to any website, known as their IP address. Sometimes, it is necessary for Wikimedia project administrators to block editors based on their IP address. A list of sensitive IP addresses is maintained at English Wikipedia.

Examples of IP address owners which, if blocked, may have a public relations impact include:

  • Government offices
  • Private offices of government officials
  • Individuals or offices of people seeking public election
  • Nouvelles organisations
  • Notable organizations (including companies)
  • Individuals or organizations receiving heightened media attention


As some of the most trafficked websites on the Internet, Wikimedia projects can attract major media attention. When that happens, the people they most regularly contact are themselves members of the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications Committee.

An action like blocking a notable organization or person may attract media attention. Providing the Communications Committee with forewarning of that action will allow them to respond faster and more effectively to any media inquires they may get.


The best method for contacting the Communications Committee about a notable block is to send an email to the committee's mailing list: wmfcc-l

You may also contact the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications Department if you would like them to provide the committee a more discreet notification on your behalf: communications