Communications/Wikimedia brands/2030 research and planning/community review

As part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s planning to support the Movement Strategy, the organization has commissioned brand research (evaluating current brand positioning) and a brand strategy (offering an approach to reaching our movement's goals).

From February to May 2019, we are collecting Community feedback on these materials. Our review goal is to collect response from more than 80% of Wikimedia affiliates and as many individual contributors as possible before considering any actions, including potential brand changes.

Ways to review Edit

There are at least 3 ways to review the brand project's outcomes.

  1. Join a meeting with the project team to talk through the proposal (email brandproject wikimedia org to schedule, these can be facilitated in multiple languages including Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and more)
  2. Attend a brand presentation at Iberoconf, Wikimedia Summit, or other Wikimedia events to be announced
  3. Read the project materials online (links below)

Items for review Edit

You can review the outcomes below:

  1. Project summary page
  2. Research overview
    1. Research overview (English)
    2. Research overview (Arabic)
    3. Research overview (Spanish)
  3. Brand Research
  4. Brand Strategy

Ways to share feedback Edit

You can share feedback in 3 ways.

  1. By sharing comments during a meeting with the project team (see "Ways to Review" above for scheduling details).
  2. By emailing comments to brandproject wikimedia org.
  3. By adding comments to the talk page. Please add a new section to list your comments, and don't forget to sign your comments.