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Wikimedia Foundation messaging strategy: 2016-17 strategy

This is the latest draft of the strategy for Wikimedia Foundation's Fiscal Year 2016-2017 (July 2016 - June 2017). It remains in active development, and we welcome your feedback on this talk page.

Overall message Ni estas la estonteco de libera scio.
Kolonoj Reenkonduki Vikimedon La futuro de malfermiteco Konstrui inkluziveman komunumon Vikipedio por novaj legantoj Kien ni iras kune
Superrigardo Get to know the Wikimedia you never knew. The world needs the free and open web. Let’s protect it together. We’re better with many voices. Let’s make a space for everyone. Everyone, everywhere, should have access to free knowledge. Let’s build the future of the Wikimedia movement together.
Audience Readers, donors, potential editors where Wikimedia usage is high (North America, Europe, Japan). Open movement partners, policy-makers, influencers, and readers. Wikimedia communities, people thinking of joining the movement. New readers around the world, especially Nigeria and India. Readers and donors that already know us. Wikimedia communities, Foundation staff. Discussion participants.