Comunicaciones/WikiConferencia en India 2016

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The Communications Department will be attending WikiConference 2016 to provide capacity building, share recent user research findings, increase project awareness, and network with community members.


  Zachary McCune Director de Comunicaciones de Audiencia Global
  • Entrenamiento de habilidades de comunicaciones
  • Investigación de usuarios de nuevos Lectores
  • Reuniones
  • Formación de redes


The department will be facilitating these workshops and discussions:

The department is also participating in these activities:


With its participation in the conference, the department hopes to achieve these objectives:

  • Help community projects expand their communications capacity
  • Network with members of the community
  • Share recent research findings of the New Readers project
  • Explore how New Readers project findings can be used by Indic communities
  • Engage community members in Wikimedia Foundation's digital media efforts
  • Showcase how the department is working with other Wikimedia Foundation teams and affiliates to amplify the impact of new projects
  • Discuss and identify advocacy needs of affiliates - in particular what tools affiliates would find helpful
  • Discuss strategies and opportunities for raising Wikimedia project awareness in India
  • Offer formal guidance on photography and digital storytelling tools
  • Discuss initiatives the department is considering

Presentation and workshop materials


Workshop attendees, feedback, and results

Attendees of the "Taking better photographs" workshop at Wikiconference India 2016
Photo workshop participants with Zachary McCune
  • Más de 15 participantes de conferencia atendieron el "Qué sabemos sobre Lectores Nuevos en India" en la presentación
  • Más de 54 participantes de conferencia atendieron el "Tomando taller de fotografías" mejores