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Как мне распространить пресс-релиз?

  • There are a number of ways to distribute a press release:
    • Share it by email with local reporters who might be interested. (Many publications have a contact us form on their website with reporter email addresses).
    • You can share a press release by email before you publish it “under embargo.” An embargo asks the journalist not to share before a pre-set time and date. You should check if the journalist will respect the embargo before sharing anything with them.
    • Publish it on an affiliate/community blog, or in the press section on your website.
    • Share a link on social media.
    • Use a press release distribution service (this costs money and is not always the most effective approach).

Когда я должен распространять пресс-релиз?

  • While press are looking for stories nearly everyday - Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are generally the best days. Saturday and Sunday should be avoided if possible.
  • You can share your press release with reporters before you publish it, so they have a "heads up" and are more likely to cover the news. This is sometimes called an "embargo."