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Presentation slides from "Taking Better Photographs" at WikiConference India 2016 (English)
Taking Better Photographs Postcard Guide (English)

General tips

  • Anyone can take good photos
  • Take many photos and follow simple rules

Simple rules

  1. Get ready
    • Is your camera ready?
    • Is your camera charged?
    • Do you have extra batteries?
    • Do you have memory available?
    • Do you know what you need to photograph?
    • Is your lens clean?
    • Do you know what app you’re using?
  2. Frame your image
    • Center your subjects
    • Check your background
      • Anything distracting?
  3. Check the lighting
    • What is your lighting direction?
      • Fully lit is ideal
      • Front lit is okay
      • Side lit is not great
      • Back lit is bad
    • Overexposed: Too much light. Image appears blown out. Details and color lost.
    • Underexposed: Too little light to see subject details or actions
    • Just right: Details and colors clear. Shadows show depth but do not obscure subject.
  4. Focus & Shoot!
    • Make sure your subject is clear and detailed (“in focus”)
    • Background details can be blurry, if desired
    • Check framing, lighting, and focus
    • OK: Take a picture!