Communication/Plan annuel/2018-2019

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Chaque humain

Priorités du plan annuel

  1. 2) Le savoir en tant que service - augmentation de la portée

Comment votre programme affecte-t-il les priorités du plan annuel?

They are almost synonymous. By sharing Wikipedia with a significant part of the global population, we move toward achieving our vision for every human to participate in all knowledge—addressing knowledge equity and being of service to the entire world. Women have not achieved global equity in education, historical records, or knowledge production. We intend this program to address both reach and equity, reach through its process and equity through its focus.

But du programme

"Chaque humain est au courant de Wikimedia"

Résultat 1
"Wikipedia est signifiant pour 1 milliard de femmes"
Rendement 1
"Imagine la situation: Crée une hypothèse sur ce qu'est une conscientisation signifiante, définis un moyen de le mesurer, et schématise la connaissance actuelle de cette définition sur la population ciblée."
Rendement 2
Des stratégies de communication-développé un plan: Adresser directement des prises de conscience signifiantes de Wikipedia aux personne s'identifiant au genre féminin. Ceci devrait informer la plate-forme de message de Wikimedia Foundation et les autres moyens de communication qui fonctionnent avec des communication administratives vers le public narratif vers les médias digitaux.
High quality, informative announcements that bring our message to growing target audiences. A solid year of appropriate Executive Director appearances with a strong narrative that support Wikimedia’s move toward knowledge equity and knowledge as a service
Preventing risk of poorly explained narratives, and carefully resolving delicate issues (crisis) for the organization. Supporting fundraising efforts through integrated design and messaging for events, emails, banners, and campaigns increasing return for resources spent.
  • Strategic plan
  • Messaging platform
  • Fundraising messaging
  • Annual Report content
Output 3
Analytics: Measuring, evaluating, and iterating on the outcome. Helping support any Foundation staff interested in working toward this outcome through their own programs. Develop project dashboard to quickly review progress.
  • Hire and onboard Analytics Manager
  • Frame project dashboard
  • Quarterly measurements
Output 4
Campaign for change: Execute our plans, optimize based on performance analytics and progress towards project goals, empower partner organizations and allies to take part. Review progress against overall reach goal and among demographics of women involved (e.g. are we only reaching women in one region?). Scale and amplify successful approaches quickly.
  • 1 million women reached
  • 10 million women reached
  • 100 million women reached
  • 1 billion women reached
Output 5
Build a network: Identify ally organizations, develop collaborative efforts, create re-usable tools for partners, scale successful approaches across a wide range.
  • Introduce at Wikimania
  • 10 Wikimedia affiliates involved
  • 10 external partners involved
  • Supporting emerging communities:
    • 10 partners in Africa involved
    • 10 partners in Asia involved
    • 10 partners in Latin America involved
  • 50 partners connected to program (outlined above)
Output 6
Celebrate success to increase participation: Communicate the stories and impact of this initiative, plan for key messaging points throughout the year, invite new participation.
  • December 2018 - Fundraising
  • 15 January 2018 - Wikipedia Day (18 years of Wikipedia + Annual Report)
  • March 2019 - Women’s Month
  • 8 March 2019 - International Women’s Day
  • April 2019 - Wikiconference Berlin
  • June 2019 - Looking forward to equity (e.g. Pride)


Women are aware of Wikipedia in a meaningful way
1 billion
Measurement method
  1. TBD and taken into account in output 1 and 3.


  • We will need to recruit an Analytics Manager, and possibly several other positions.
  • This program would benefit from integration with long-standing Foundation researchers and analysts.
  • Alignment of messaging with fundraising efforts could vastly increase our ability to reach an influential audience.
  • Partnership experts from other departments that want to integrate their work are welcome and appreciated.


Annual Plan priorities

  1. 2) Knowledge as a Service - increase reach

How does your program affect annual plan priority?

We will evolve our systems and structures to teach the world about Wikimedia, and create a 3 to 5 year plan for the Communications department aligned with the movement direction.

Program Goal

Greater knowledge infrastructure and equity throughout our planet.

Outcome 1
The world knows the right things about Wikimedia.
Output 1
Vision and plan: Outline a vision for the Communications department in 2024 and identify gaps in the personnel, knowledge, and resources required to achieve it.
  • Strategic plan
    • List of service/capacity gaps
    • Team growth recommendations
Output 2
Organizational values: Establish clear set of Foundation values to advance publicly. Create audience strategy for how to deliver messages to key groups. Build system of measurement to evaluate and optimize impact of values messaging.
  • Foundation values document
  • Internet audiences strategy
  • Measurement plan
Output 3
Talent and capacities: Model a powerful communications system that matches the needs of the Wikimedia movement into a fast-changing world. Develop clear reporting flows, responsibilities, and redundancy. Create system for personnel training and advancement.
  • Communications team chart
  • Communications team practices
Output 4
Team culture: Create the environment required to achieve ambitious goals. Build alignment in the team regarding our most important qualities and create systems to ensure that we uphold them over time.
  • Define necessary team qualities
  • Reflect these in job descriptions, hires, and promotions
Output 5
Wikimedia Foundation assets: Acquire the people, processes, materials and systems required by an international knowledge organization.
  • Make an appropriate list based on the vision in output 1, and iterate as that vision changes.
  • Compare to organizational goals and the 3 to 5 year plans in other departments to ensure long term mutual support.
Output 6
Foundation integration: build an organization-wide system of support and amplification
  • Communications for everyone - onboarding / overview document for how Communications team works
    • “How to” workflows
  • Training systems


The world knows the right things about Wikimedia
(3 to 5 year plan to reach) 50% of internet users
Measurement method
  1. Understanding the terms and measuring success are included in the steps of implementing the plan.


  • Hiring of several people with expertise
  • Understanding and integration with the 3 to 5 year plan of every department, particularly Audiences and Advancement.