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2015: La venonta jaro

Jen ĉefenfokusigindaĵoj por 2015:

Drive major campaigns, messaging, and initiatives that support our mission and story. This includes preparation for Wikipedia's 15th anniversary in 2016.
  • Conceptualize, plan, and execute forward-looking campaigns, messaging, storytelling, advocacy, and initiatives in support of WMF high-priority strategic initiatives.
Develop strategy for brand management, development, and communication.
  • Coordinate brand research, positioning, and management.
  • Initiate global market research, analysis, planning; brand positioning and partnerships; marketing and other materials; design, collateral, and products; social media; and trademarks support.
Manage public relations and issues management.
  • Oversee and execute on media and public relations, external positioning, crisis response, statements and releases for increasing positive coverage and distribution of priority initiatives and campaigns.
Develop product marketing and communications.
  • Drive positioning and awareness of WMF-developed products and technologies, in support of the Engineering and Product teams and Wikimedia strategic innovation objectives.
  • Support research, analysis, and identification of personas and segmentation to guide messaging, positioning, collateral, and public relations.
Improving transparency and coordination around activities of the WMF.
  • Produce a State of the WMF report.
  • Hold a Product/Communications workshop to improve processes and objectives around key communications releases.