Bugs edit

New Features wanted edit

Please be as specific as possible, if you can describe also in which module the changes should be made.

  • what should the new feature do, internally?
  • what should the user see (user interface, workflow)?

Recurring Donations edit


  • API function for recurring contributions has to go directly into CiviCRM core
  • cron job which creates contributions out of recurring contributions
  • migration:
    • old contributions having the option group "recurring" need to be converted to recurring contributions
    • remove the option group recurring

Import of failed Direct Debit Transactions edit

  • wmse_base - submodule direct debit for ELBA
  • file format ELBA MT940
    • has only booking lines for failed transactions
    1. mark all exported ELBA transactions as "completed"
    2. change those found in the ELBA MT940 to "failed"