Welcome to Meta-Wiki, the global community site for the Wikimedia Foundation's projects and related projects, from coordination and documentation to planning and analysis.

Other meta-focused wikis such as Wikimedia Outreach and Wikimedia Strategy are specialized projects that have their roots in Meta-Wiki. Related discussions take place on Wikimedia mailing lists (particularly wikimedia-l, with its low-traffic equivalent WikimediaAnnounce), IRC channels on freenode, individual wikis of Wikimedia affiliates, and other places.

Goings-on Sali

October 2020

Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 26 October: The open video call CEE Talk No 2: Strategy 2030 recommendations and initiatives, Round 2 will be held at 29 October 18:00 (UTC).
Wikimedia-logo.svg 17 October: On 24–25 October, itWikiCon 2020, the Italian language conference about Wikimedia projects, takes place with Katherine Maher, WMF Executive Director, Jimbo Wales, Wikipedia founder and Alessandro Barbero, Italian historian.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 17 October: The open video call CEE Talk No 1: Strategy 2030 recommendations and initiatives, Round 1 will be held at 22 October 16:00 (UTC).
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 15 October: Discussion tools has been put into beta testing environment here at metawiki. Also see its help page.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 15 October: Sandister Tei of Accra, Ghana was announced as the 2020 Wikimedian of the Year
MediaWiki-notext.svg 13 October: A read-only time is scheduled for October 27. During a short period of time, you will be able to read, but not edit, all wikis. Know more about this.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 2 October: Wikimedia CEE Online Meeting 2020 takes place 2–4 October

September 2020

Wiktionary small.svg 17 September: After a thorough assessment of large-scale errors at Malagasy Wiktionary, there is a poll and discussion about deleting the inaccurate material.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 15 September–13 October: You may discuss and vote on a name of an upcoming Wikimedia wiki project for a library of functions.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 15 September: The open video call Wikimedia Clinic #010 will be held at 13:00 UTC. Google Meet.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 7 September: Community draft review for the Universal Code of Conduct is going on from September 07 until October 06, 2020. Please review the draft at the UCoC Draft Review page and leave comments and recommendations on the talk page.
MediaWiki-notext.svg 2 September: Language showcase: The Language team presents a new project to improve the localization process of Scribunto modules.
MediaWiki-notext.svg 1 September: A read-only time is scheduled for September 1. During a short period of time, You will be able to read, but not edit, all wikis. Know more about this.

August 2020

Wikipedia-W-bold-in-square.svg 25 August: There is currently a request for comment about large scale language inaccuracies on the Scots Wikipedia.
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 19 August: Are you a content reviewer on Wikipedia? Give feedback to build trust levels for WikiLoop

July 2020

Wikimedia Education.svg 16 July: The Education Office Hours for the month of July is scheduled at 12:00 UTC. See page for meeting link (external on Google Meet).
Bulbgraph.svg 2 July: Abstrakta Wikipedia godkänns som ett officiellt systerprojekt till Wikimedia (Tillkännagivande).

June 2020

Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 23 June: A community open letter on renaming is published.
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