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This page is a translated version of the page Chinese Wikipedia and the translation is 34% complete.

Cette page est un article descriptif sur le Wikipédia en chinois; n'hésitez pas à ajouter des commentaires.

Cette page est très périmé; la plupart de contenu décrit les situations avant de 2010, ou environ.


Commencé: mai 2001; la contenu en chinois est ajouté depuis octobre 2002

Taille actuelle: 1 422 150 articles

Total de modifications: 82 562 327

Éditeurs actifs: 7 420 dans le mois dernier

Points forts
Points faibles
  • Bloqué dans la république populaire de Chine (voir la blocage des projets Wikimédia).
  • Due to the cultural difference and the difference in translation among PRC, HK, TW and other communities, there are often disputes and edit conflicts, especially for political articles. Thus, the time consuming process of dispute resolution and consensus building is required.
  • Absence of software robots for vandal fighting.
  • Most users good at translation do not have sufficient time, and those who have sufficient time are weak in translation. As a result, many articles are left partially translated.
Who is the competitor?
  • En ligne
    Baidu Baike (百度百科)
    Britannica Online (大英在線)
    Wordpedia (智慧藏百科全書網)
    Yahoo! Answers (雅虎知识堂 / Yahoo!奇摩知識 / 雅虎知識+)
    various websites (especially some mirror sites) using content from the Chinese Wikipedia without attribution
  • Presse
    Encyclopedia of China (中国大百科全书)
    Taipedia (台灣大百科全書 | Grand Taiwan Encyclopedia)

Prominent milestones/events

  • Blocked and unblocked by the People's Republic of China
  • January 2005 - new Chinese mapping software
  • August 2006 - First ever Chinese Wikimedia conference in Hong Kong
What has its impact been?
  • Cooperation among Taiwan, HK and PRC users, has created better understanding of respective viewpoints.


What language features are challenging?
  • At least two main writing systems exist - chinois traditionel et simplifié Until January 2005, zh.wp was a mix of articles of both types depending on the origin of the article creator/editors. User:Mountain helped create a generic automated mapping system which has helped other languages as well, such as Serbian. See the article: Automatic conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese
What would surprise the outside reader about the community?
  • Even though it is generally blocked in the PRC, a significant number of core contributors are able to use proxy software to get to Wikipedia.
  • Community makeup - one quarter from Hong Kong, one quarter from Taiwan, and the rest smaller numbers from China, US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and other locations. (As of end of 2006, see CWMC 2006)
  • Chapters
  • User Group
What are some unique practices/characteristics?
  • TK
Who were the earliest participants, who started it?
  • Mountain & Formulax
Other prominent Wikipedians?

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