Childrens' Wikipedia

For a list of existing wikis that are related to children in one way or another, see List of wikis for children.

There have been several attempts or proposals to create a Wikipedia for children or Childrens' Wikipedia. This page contains a list of these attempts.

  • Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Children's English: A request to create a new Wikipedia, for children. According to the guideline of the Language Committee, it is not allowed to create a new Wikipedia language version in a language that already has a Wikipedia (Simple English Wikipedia is an exception because it was created prior to that guideline). Proposed in 2006.
  • 'Wikikids': There is already an independent Dutch wiki called, but here on Meta-Wiki, Wikikids was the working title for a new Wikimedia wiki. The initiator decided not to go on with the procedure. Proposed in 2005.
  • Wikikids go!: proposed in 2017
  • Kidswiki: proposed in 2017
  • Encyclopedia for Children: proposed in 2019
  • Wikipedia Kids: proposed in 2020

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